The Galley inside The Lighthouse

The Galley


Dine in the heart of The Lighthouse where traditional maritime scenes compliment our verdant riverside view. At The Lighthouse, we invite you to join us in The Galley on a culinary cruise through the Mediterranean with tapas dishes ranging from the deep flavours of our Cordero Estofado, to the aromatic pan-seared Bacalao, and sweet and salty Pimientos Verdes.

The Boiler Room at The Lighthouse

The Boiler Room


Complete with an open fireplace and dedicated bar, the Boiler Room is perfect for those cold winter months. Whether you are a table of 6 or a party of 40, the Boiler Room is ideal for private parties and events. The function room has played host to wedding receptions, corporate social events, poetry recitals, knitting societies, and the list of diverse social events goes on.

The Quarterdeck at The Lighthouse

The Quarterdeck


Quench your thirst on the Quarterdeck as you soak in the sun on a hot summer's day, and let the soft ripples of the Castle Mill Stream calm and comfort you. Perfectly located on the stream edge, the balcony is an ideal sun trap in summer as guests enjoy the prolonged sunset over the terrace.